About Us

Main Strategy

Increase the participation of the electronic industry in the strategic programs of the country (Water saving policy, Energy saving policy, Renewable energy sources increase policy and Investment policy), promoting investments in human capital, research and development , as well as the stimulation of foreign investment as a strategic axis of industrial development, which provides capital, technology and market, which allows the technological development of the means of production, the development of productive forces and the creation of competitive products for the market National and international.

Research / Development LinesSustainable Development of Renewable Energies.

Nuestra Familia

  1. Energy efficiency.
  2. Industrial automation.
  3. Fire and safety systems.
  4. General Electronics
  5. Information Technology and communications.
  6. Electronic measurement systems and instruments.
  7. Medical equipament



Direct, coordinate and control the performance of the companies that integrate it in terms of being a supplier of goods and services in the field of electronics, computing, automation and communications, designed to meet the needs of the economy being the support of the industrial development of electronics in the country.


We are an industrial, scientific and productive organization that makes a valuable contribution to the economy of the country, offering competitive products and solutions in the areas of electronics, computer science, automation, and communications for the modernization of industrial processes, computerization of society, the efficient use of energy, among others; which has a favorable impact on the substitution of imports and exports; being recognized for our professionalism, teamwork and for the benefits we have generated for workers, the country and the environment.