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Sustainable Development of Renewable Energies

The use of renewable sources of energy (FRE) is presented as the urgent need for the sustainable development of the countries and as a priority solution to the growing global demand for electricity, the increase in the prices of oil and other fossil fuels, the decrease of its natural reserves and the ecological threat represented by the current global energy scheme of exceeding the limits of the planet's capacity to assimilate the environmental impacts it causes.

This line of research and development aims at the development, introduction and assimilation of photovoltaic panel manufacturing technologies, as well as the design, manufacture and production of electronic equipment, systems, parts and pieces associated with the rational use of photovoltaic energy and its applications, as well as conducting feasibility studies for the assimilation of new technologies necessary to increase the use and perspective development of the different renewable sources of energy in Cuba, with an emphasis on photovoltaic energy.