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Cuban Medical Equipment Company (ICEM)

Cuban Medical Equipment Company (ICEM)

Type: Industries

Description Enterprise

Company created to guarantee the manufacturing and development of equipment and furniture for medical use, among them, autoclave, rolling flows and electrocardiographs, Fowler beds, and others, its creation responded to the growing development of the family doctor program in Cuba. Nowadays, it is a company which as a wide range of medical equipment products and other products / associated services which include store furniture, office furniture, hotel-gastronomy furniture, carpentry and productive services of cutting, modeling, welding and painting and others to ensure the productions; which are for national use and exporting. It has a flexible structure, capable of adapting with relatively ease to the demands of a more complex and competitive market.

Develop Lines

• Medical Equipment

Contact Information

Address: Ave. 107 # 9650 e/ 96 y 114, Marianao, Havana, Cuba.
Telephone number: (53) 7267-2000
Email: omeneses@icem.cu