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Electronic Components Company (CCE)

Electronic Components Company (CCE)

Type: Industries

Description Enterprise

The company is in charge of designing, producing, installing and marketing products related to alternate energies, electronic, magnetic, fluids-treatment, printing, and packing equipment and components, as well as providing services of metal shaping, plastics injection and surface covering. The company has several productions for the industrial sector, the services sector, and the population, with the objective of satisfying the internal market and being present in the external market with products in the areas of electronics, informatics, renewable energies and services for industrial applications, which offer protection, savings, good prices and quality to their customers. It is also characterized by linking technological innovation with production, and has safe capabilities and facilities for productions with special technological requirements and electronic equipment for multiple uses. It has 5 basic units.

Develop Lines

• Sustainable Development of Renewable Energies
• Energy Efficiency
• Industrial Automation
• General Electronics

Contact Information

Address: Álvaro Barba y Pasaje B. Zona Industrial Hnos Cruz, Pinar del Rio, Cuba.
Telephone numbers: (53)48-764508 / (53)48-763016
Email: mkt@ccepr.co.cu

Website: www.cce.cu