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Integral Automation Company (CEDAI)

Integral Automation Company (CEDAI)

Type: Services and Research Centers

Description Enterprise

It is dedicated to offering integral automation services, electricity and networks, consulting, technical assistance and related services. It develops automation products with a philosophy of integration of systems guided to industries and buildings for a rational use of energy and the increase of productive efficiency. It has an important number of engineers trained and skilled in new technologies, with expertise in assimilating different industrial processes and adapting advanced solutions.

Develop Lines

  • Industrial Automation

Contact Information

Address: Calle 13 Esq G, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, Cuba.
Telephone numbers: (53)7823-6823 / (53)7832-2128
Email: comercial@cedai.com.cu
Website: www.cedai.com.cu